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ArticleTogether, PAMED & Altfest Launch PAMED Financial Planning: A Unique Benefit for Pennsylvania Physicians



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The Pennsylvania Medical Society (PAMED) and Altfest Personal Wealth Management have finalized a partnership to offer every PAMED physician member with a wealth management benefit that’s unique to physicians in the state of Pennsylvania. This benefit includes educational resources, software tools, personal financial assessments, and complimentary consultations with experienced financial advisors. The aim of the PAMED Financial Planning program is to give PAMED members the information and guidance they need to take control of their finances, grow their wealth and achieve their life goals.

PAMED, Pennsylvania’s professional association for physicians, is Altfest’s latest in a series of medical association partnerships formed over the last two decades—underlining the firm’s commitment to a serving the needs of physicians through the associations that serve them.


A Wealth Management Benefit for the 21st Century

PAMED is celebrating its 175th year working to advocate for and educate Pennsylvania’s medical professionals. The last few years have been a challenging time  as changes in the U.S. medical system and medical professions have created headwinds for physicians and the associations that support them. PAMED, continuing a long history of innovation, has responded in part by partnering with Altfest—together they will offer all PAMED members a set of wealth management services of a quality that would be quite difficult to access elsewhere:

  • Altfest Educational Content: A decades-proven financial planning educational ecosystem consisting of webinars, articles and short videos customized to the needs of physicians.
  • Complimentary Tools & Assessments: PAMED members can access tools to track progress towards goals, learn more about personal financial matters and analyze their portfolios to take control of their finances.
  • Complimentary Consultations: PAMED members can meet with Altfest’s team of Certified Financial Planners, CPAs, Financial Analysts and Attorneys to discuss a wide range of personal financial matters at no cost or obligation.

Notably, members that sign up for their services will have their PAMED & local chapter membership dues paid for, courtesy of Altfest Personal Wealth Management.

See the PAMED Financial Planning Website for more information.

PAMED CEO, Martin Raniowski, said: “Our organization strives to offer quality member benefits, resources, and education in a wide variety of areas. That is why we are excited to partner with Altfest Wealth Management to provide physicians financial assistance and tools to control their assets and future.”

Andrew Altfest CFP®, MBA, President of Altfest Wealth Management, said of the partnership: “We are honored to partner with PAMED and look forward to helping members navigate their diverse financial situations — from residency all the way through retirement. At Altfest we think that the medical professional world is at an inflection point: structural changes in the industry and the American medical system compounded by economic uncertainty means that physicians have never needed expert advice more than today. We think that our partnership with PAMED is the sort of offering that will help physicians thrive in the 21st century.”

Learn more about PAMED’s benefit offered in partnership with Altfest here.

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